Out of the hospital

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Chapter 93;

Laura;It's been an hour can she leave now??

Riker;I think so

Ross;Just let her change to her regular clothes

Mark;Riker & Laura you can stay here

Ross;Why them 2?

Stormie;Cause your father says so

Rocky;Alright guys I'm gonna go I need to catch up with Julie

Rydel;Awe good luck


Ratliff;Get at it . good luck bro.

Rocky;Ratliff no just no *laughs* & thanks man

Ryland;Let's go guys you heard dad get moving

Ross;Gosh hold on let me kiss my girl

Ratliff;You can do that later

Riker;Guys out we need Vanessa to change .

*They leave*

Vanessa;I'll be back

*She goes in the restroom*

Riker;so Laura how are you & Ross ?

Laura;Pretty good

Riker;That's good

Laura;Awe you & Nessa are almost a month

Riker;I know I'm so lucky

Laura;Vanessa forgot her socks we can't let her walk barefoot she'll get sick

* turns to get them*

Riker;Wow you care way much about her

Laura;Well duhh.

*Laura trips & falls on top of riker*

Riker;Woah watch it their *laughs*

*Door knob turns*

Vanessa;What is this ?? *mad*

Laura;Nessa it's not what It looks like ... *sad*

Vanessa;No need to explain I'm done . Bye *walks away*

-To be continued-

I bet you weren't expecting that ((; what'll Ross do? What will happen between Riker & Vanessa ? Stay tuned for the next chapter .

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