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Chapter 159;

~Goes pick up Lindsay~

Ross;hey you look nice

Lindsay;Thanks you don't look bad yourself

Ross;No problem so you ready?


Ross;Okay let's go

{They head to the park & start walking}

Lindsay;So are you & Laura a couple again?

Ross;No .

Lindsay;Seems to me that she likes you still

Ross;Yeah but she won't give me another chance well cause I've hurt her too much

Lindsay;Well that's stupid of you . you should never play with a girls feelings especially when they really like you

Ross;I know

Lindsay;How did you meet her though?

Ross;She moved here with her sister . they came from NYC they lived in the house in front of us . turns out my mom knew her mom so my mom invited her & her sister to dinner they came over I fell for her . Well drama started


Ross;Yeah so what about you . do you have a boyfriend ? how are your parents ? how's your brother ? & your sister

Lindsay;Yeah I had a boyfriend but we broke up before I came here cause a long distance relationship doesn't work for me . my parents are good & so is my brother . My sister is good too . you know she still Likes Riker . what about your parents?

Ross;No way really? & their good they just went on a trip .

Lindsay;Yeah she does

Ross;That's awesome cause Riker is heart broken still

Lindsay;How come?

Ross;Well Laura's sister & my brother were gonna get married but I ended up kissing her cause her & I were a thing so Umm she gave Riker the proposal ring back . She left back with her parents .

Lindsay;Wow that was bitchy move of yours ross .

Ross;I know .

Lindsay;So you interested in anybody still?

Ross;I don't know .

Lindsay;What do you mean you don't know .

Ross;Cause I don't well from what I know I still like Laura but I may like you too.

Lindsay;oh so I have competition ?

Ross;Pretty much

Lindsay;•kisses him•

•They kiss for 5 minutes•

Ross;I know this is crazy but will you like to be my girlfriend again?

Lindsay;Yes •hugs him•

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