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Chapter 29;

Julie;Nice too meet you guys too how long have y'all been together ?

Ratliff;Just yesterday

Julie;awe how cute !

Rocky;time to go in

Julie;I'm sooo pumped

Ratliff;I'm gonna hold your hand Rydel cause I'm scared

Rydel;Awe Ratliff it's okay let's go in

Ratliff;okay !

-With Ross & Laura-

Laura;That ride was awesome

Ross;Yeah it was !

Laura;Looks like you lost !

Ross;No I didn't

Laura;Yes you did pucker up lynch cause you owe me a kiss

Ross;better for me

(They started to kiss)

*3 minutes later*

Ross;that was good

Laura;correction amazing

Ross;yes let's go in line for the hammer? & then the bumper cars after that the slide?

Laura;Of course let's go !

-With Riker & Vanessa-

Vanessa;Looks like you lost lynch !

Riker;I know I owe you $5 !

Vanessa;Let's face it the Maranos are better than you Lynch's !

Riker;Oh yes !

Vanessa;It's the truth !let's go to the slide yeah?

Riker;yeah sure let's roll !

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