A plan ?

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Chapter 112;

Riker; your the best Laura !

Laura;Awe thanks Riker I'm gonna head up to bed

Riker;I thought you we're going to watch a movie with rydellington over their .


Riker;Yeah you know Ratliff & Rydel which is rydellington

Laura;Ohh that's clever & no I don't want to no more I'm kind of tired

Riker;Okay well I'm heading to bed too .


*They head up to sleep*

~The next morning~

{Laura heads downstairs}

Ross;Oh your up

Laura;oh I thought I was the only one up

Ross;So I heard you & Riker broke up

Laura;How did you know ?

Ross;When I went to get my milk I overheard you guys talking so yeah

Laura;Oh well yeah we broke up .

Ross;Why if I may know?

Laura;Cause I know that he still likes Vanessa

Ross;Oh he does ?


Ross;Can you help me on something ?

Laura;Sure what is it?

Ross;Well I want Vanessa to be happy too so I want to set her & Riker up. you know she still likes Riker cause her & I have been arguing these couple of days

Laura;Oh really ?

Ross;Yeah I know it's hard to tell that we argue it's just that you can't tell

Laura;Yeah I kinda figuerd well so what's the plan ?

Ross;*Whispers the plan* got it?

Laura;Got it well go set everything up I'm on what I'm supposed to do



What did Ross plan? what is he up to now?

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