Getting Ready

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Chapter 186;

Rydel;Laur after breakfast would you like to go shopping?


Ross;Are we gonna go ?

Rydel & Laura; No

Riker;yes !

Ratliff;Delly how are you going to do it since you have a broken leg.?

Rydel;I'll suck it up

Laura;Don't worry Ratliff I'll help her out

Ratliff;Okay thanks Laura

Laura;No problem

Ross;Why can't we go though? *whining*

Laura;So you can spend time with Riker & Ratliff

Ross;*gets an idea* mm okay never mind then

Laura;Okay well Rydel & I are gonna get ready

{Laura gets her clothes & heads to Rydel's room}

Rydel;okay you can change in the bathroom if you want

Laura;Okay *goes in the bathroom*

~Laura wore Ross's Hoodie with black tights along with a beanie & some boots she curled her hair & put a little bit of make up~

|Rydel wore a leather jacket with a white tank top which she struggled to put on her tights cause of her cast & put on some converse along with with her hair straightened with a bit of make up|

<They head downstairs>

Ross;Wow you guys look really nice


Laura;Were gonna get going

Ross;Okay take care & be careful

Riker;Careful don't talk to stranger

Ratliff;delly please take care especially cause your pregnant same to you Laura

Laura;Thanks Ratliff

Ratliff;No problem

Ross;I'll text you to make sure your okay

Laura;Alright bye *pecks ross's lips & gives Ratliff along with Riker a hug*

*They leave*

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