She's Feeling Bad

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Chapter 248;

Ross;Well Cmon we have a few hours

Laura;I know .

Ross;you want to divide it ?

Laura;Sure .

Ross;Okay you get that side I get this side . after this I'm gonna build the crib

Laura;Okay .

With Ratliff & Rydel

Rydel;Ratliff .. *breathing heavily*

Ratliff;Woah Rydel what's wrong ?

Rydel;I don't know ahh oh my god Ratliff help me it hurts

Ratliff;Sweetie what hurts ?? *yells*Ross !!!Laura!!!

Ross;What's wrong ?

Ratliff;I don't know she's feeling bad.

Rydel;Ross *breathing heavily*call mom ! hurry

Laura;Rydel . breath calmly Cmon .

Ratliff;Is she going into birth or something ?

Laura;I don't think she is because her water hasn't broke

Rydel;Ugh please hurry it hurts

Ross;Mom said it was a contraction . she said to stay calm nothing will happen. Okay? we'll be here

Rydel;Thanks ross .. okay their its all good

Ratliff;Thank god you scared me for a second

Rydel;It hurt a lot though

Laura;Do you want to take a break from this?

Rydel;Yeah That'd be nice

Ross;Okay Cmon lets go downstairs mom gave us some of her dishes so do you guys want some tea?



Ross;Okay I'll make some tea. meanwhile Ratliff get the water


Ross;Hey guys


Ross;Mom texted me telling me to go to the house someone's looking for Laura .

Laura;Who is ?

Ross;I don't know

Laura;Okay let's go

They Head To The Lynch's House


Rocky;Hey ross come on in


Laura;Who's looking for me.?

??;I am


Hey guys sorry these chapters have been really short lately I promise to make them longer ♥️.

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