Raura;Gettiing Ready & Leaving

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Chapter 25;

Rydel;Are you girlies ready cause Riker texted asking if were ready

Laura;Yeah I am I'm just waiting for Nessa

Vanessa;Their I'm all done let's go !

-With the boys-

Ross;You guys done?

Rocky;I am

Riker;Me 2

Ratliff;Me 3

*Knock at the door*

Ross;It's probably the girls hurry up guys

Rocky;Just shut your mouth & open the door !(x


{Opens door}

Ross;Oh my god

Laura;Are we aloud to come in?


(Ross's POV; When I opened the door I didn't expect to see Laura look so stunning she had me drooling over her . She was so perfect & looking at her beauty just makes me lucky to have her)

Laura;Ross ! Snap out of it!

Ross;Oh sorry Laura you just look beautiful.

Laura*blushes* awe thank you

Ross;No problem

{Riker turns around & sees Vanessa}

Riker;Vanessa you look hot !

Vanessa;*giggles* why thank you

Riker;Your welcome

Ratliff;Where's my girlfriend ?

Ross;Turn around

Ratliff;Woahhh !


Ratliff;You look Amazing I'm so lucky !

Rydel;Awe Ratliff that's so sweet baby .

Ratliff;I'm just stating the truth

Rocky;Well I'm lonely !

Ross;You'll find someone at the carnival trust !


Riker;Well let's go

[They all left]

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