Raura;Getting Ready & Doing the plan

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Chapter 38;

Vanessa;You ready? Were going to the mall go do our hair & nails also get some frozen yogurt !

Laura;Yay okay I'm ready let's go !
Wait what about ross?

Vanessa;He's going to hang out with his brothers .


-With Rydel-

Rydel;Ross go buy chocolate covered strawberries , chocolate , a teddy bear & her roses !

Ross;I'm on it !

Rocky;Okay what do we do?

Rydel;Go get Rylands DJ set & set it up . Riker start hanging the lights around the porch & trees. Ratliff start making a trail of roses to Ross's room & then here to the back yard . Got it?

The boys;Got it !

Rydel;Okay let's do this

-With Laura & Vanessa-

Laura;Okay I'm going to cut my hair & dye it !


Lady;How are you going to want your hair ?

Laura;I want to cut it & dye my tips

Lady;Ooo honey I think I know a great hair style that'll go with you here sit back & let me do the work


-With Ross-

Ross;Can I get those flowers the white roses that are died with blue ?



Lady;Are you going to want a letter?

Ross;No it's fine like that

Lady;Okay that'll be $35.99

Ross;*Hands her the money*

Lady;Thank you young man

Ross;No problem

-At the store-

Man;Hello young man how can I help you?

Ross;Yes I would like that huge teddy bear!

Man;Okay is that it?


Man;Okay here you go that'll be $55

Ross;*hands the money* thank you sir

Man;No problem young man

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