Sorry Lindsay & You guys are important

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Chapter 163;

Ross;I'm sorry Lindsay but if your gonna act like this you & I aren't gonna happen . I don't want you to be acting like a bitch to my sister so you know what just leave

Lindsay;What the hell I thought you actually liked me !

Ross;I do but I don't like people like you your rude & most likely kicked my sister in the leg & you knew she was hurt. Sorry Lindsay but I want you out of my life now

Lindsay;Okay lynch if that's how it's gonna be I guess bye

Rydel;•hugs Ross• thanks ross

Ross;No problem •hugs her back• you are more important along with the rest of the family


Riker;You made the right decision buddy

Ross;I know

Ratliff;You'll find another girl Ross

Ross;•looks at Laura• no I won't I'm just gonna wait on one

Laura;I'm sure you will find another girl

Rydel;I'm proud of you Ross one thing though


Rydel;You shouldn't have ended your relationship .

Ross;But I don't want a girl like that in my life if she can't get along with one of my family member . or members

Ratliff;That's true honestly for me that's a turn off

Ross;Yeah well I'm heading to the music room see you guys

Riker;Well okay

Laura;I'll join you in a bit

Ross;okay •leaves•

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!