Riker's Decision

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Chapter 258;

Riker;Uhh guys

Ross;Yes ?

Riker;Can you call Vanessa ?

Laura;Uh sure let me see if her number is still the Same

Riker;Okay .


Riker;I need to talk to her mind if I stay over again?

Ross;Sure just tell mom & dad


Laura;It's still the same she'll be here in a bit

Riker;I need to talk to you guys


Riker;Well the reason why I'm staying here is because we'll Rocky & I got in a fight ...

Ross;Wait why?

Riker;Cause well he told me he'd seen Vanessa last week ,but he never told me because he pretty much wanted me to be safe & not get my heart broken . yeah I know what a trip .

Laura;Oh that sucks , you can stay here I thought you only slept over because of ross

Riker;& well it's cause I don't want to cause drama at home

Riker;Yeah I'm gonna apologize tomorrow , anyways do you guys have anything to drink?

Ross;I made some lemonade you want some?


Knock at the door

Ross;must be Vanessa laur open the door


Ross;Here you go

Riker;Thanks man

Ross;No problem

Riker;Hey ness


Riker;Uh can we talk upstairs ?

Vanessa;Umm can't we just talk here ?

Riker;No it's private


Ross;Just go



They Head Upstairs

Vanessa;so why did you make Laura call me?

Riker;Okay so I got thinking .. I thought who would be better for me well Vanessa look I've liked you from the start .my feelings never changed ,the same way I felt before is the same way I feel now . I know I'm probably a bit to late & your probably gonna leave back to NY , but I like you Vanessa . Always have & I will never stop . You may think I'm playing games but I'm not because your the only girl that......

To be continued

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