Congrats Guys

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Stormie;Rydel & Riker please tell us what happened

Mark;Riker why is your car not here ?

Rocky;& where's Vanessa ?

Ryland;Why is Laura only here?

Rydel;Okay okay wait we'll answer everything right now just one by one

Riker;Okay well one night Ratliff got sick & Rydel called me to pick her up cause chubs stopped working . Ratliff told Rydel to leave chubs right their that he was gonna have a mechanic fix her car . So I went to pick her up . We were giving a turn when a truck hit us my car flipped & I don't know what happened to the other person

Ross;So then the police called Laura's phone # I don't know how come they called her instead of you guys well anyways so they told Laura that Riker & Rydel got in a car crash .

Laura;So then that's when we arrived we asked for Riker & Rydel I told Ross to call you guys but he said no because he didn't want to ruin your trip . we then waited for quiet some time we called Ratliff his mom dropped him off . The doctor told us that Riker broke his arm & that Rydel broker her leg mostly because the whole weight got her side .

Ratliff;The doctor said that their could've been a possibility that Rydel & Riker could've end up In a coma but he said they could've done an operation we told them yes . maybe like an hour later they said that Riker made it but Rydel didn't she lasted in coma maybe about 3 days

Stormie;You should've at least told us & not let us find out this way

Mark;So what's going to happen to your car?

Riker;I don't know

Mark;Okay well the thing is that you guys are here & nothing bad happened

Rocky;So what about Vanessa ?

Laura;Oh Vanessa went back to NYC .


Ratliff;We honestly don't know she just told us cause Laura & Ross were having problems she was trying to take Laura with her

Rydel;but Laura told her no that she was going to stay

Riker;Yeah well

Rydel;Oh mom & dad I have to tell you guys something

Stormie;What is it honey ?

Rydel;Well I'm going to want you guys to support me

Mark;Okay well let's hear what you have to say

Rydel;I'm Pregnant

Rocky;Your what?

Stormie;OMSTARS I'm going to be a grandma

Mark;Who's the father ?

Ratliff;I am

Ryland;I knew it !

Mark;Okay well support you through thick & thin sweetie . Ratliff you better take care of my baby girl

Ratliff;No problem I will Mr.Lynch

Rocky;Congrats guys

Ross;We have something to say too


Ross;Well Laura & I are dating again

Stormie;That's great

Laura;& I'm pregnant too

Mark;*shocked* wow so theirs going to be 2 pregnant girls in this house ? I'm so happy for you guys


Riker;That's what I thought too dad

Ryland;Congrats Guys

Stormie;I'm going to be a grandma already you guys grow up so fast

Rydel;haha yeah but we were raised by the best

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