Raura;Fun day (Last Chapter of Fun Day)

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Chapter 17;
Vanessa;Let's go their probably downstairs

Laura;okay be careful watch where you step I don't want you falling


(Ross's POV;I was waiting for Laura downstairs I turn to see Vanessa walk down first but my attention was on Laura she looked so beautiful in her white with black polka dots bikini she had me drooling)

Laura;Okay their I'm done

Ross;You look amazing

Laura;*blushes* thank you

Ross;awe your blushing

Laura;Whatever let's just go please

Ross;Whatever my beautiful girlfriend says

Laura;Awe stop it Ross

*They head outside*

(Vanessa's POV;Before I went to the pool I decided to drink some water & I saw Riker)

Riker;Oh hey Vanessa

Vanessa;hey let's go?


{they headed outside}

(Riker pulls Rydel aside)


Riker;I want to ask out Vanessa

Rydel;omg really?

Riker;yeah but when were done swimming


-They swam for 2 hours played Marco pollo Rocky was the first to get out . They got tired & it started to get really dark & cold they decided to go in the house-

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