Why did this happen?

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Chapter 263;

Stormie;Sorry we took long I went to go pick up Rocky at the house & ryland

Mark;Where's riker?

Ross;In the emergency room

Rocky;What is Vanessa doing here.?

Laura;& who are these two girls?

Rocky;This is Lilly

Lilly;Nice to meet you

Ryland;This is savannah.

Savannah;Its a pleasure to meet you

Ryland;So like Rocky said what is she doing here?

Ross;She has a name .

Vanessa;I'm here because Riker & I are back together

Rocky;Oh .

Ryland;Wait weren't you in the car with Riker when the accident happened ?


Stormie;Then what happened why is he here ?

Mark;Why did this happen?

Ryland;Let them talk

Laura;Riker came down to visit delly but decided to bring ness along , so pretty much delly got overprotective with Riker & she told him that she didn't want Vanessa dating Riker because all she was gonna do is hurt him again

Ross;So he told delly that if he couldn't accept Nessa that she was gonna loose him as a brother , he left back to my house he was mad he kinda yelled at me I got mad so I asked what had happened for him to act that way

Vanessa;So ross pretty much lectured him & told him to come down to the hospital to apologize well from there we were wondering what had happened because he was taking to long so that's when we saw in the news that their was an accident .

Stormie;Does Rydel know ?

Ross;I don't know cause we told ratliff not to say nothing but I'm pretty sure he did.

Lilly;I'm sure your brother will be okay . I mean cause he's a pretty strong man

Mark;Thanks Lilly

Lilly;No problem

Stormie;Are you & Rocky dating?

Rocky;Sadly no ...

Ryland;Why don't you ask her out , I already asked savannah to be my girlfriend & she said yes

Rocky;Your right .Lilly would you like to be my girlfriend?

Lilly;Of course I'd thought you'd never ask

Laura;awe so cute.

Ross;What takes them so long ? & congrats guys

Vanessa;I'm sorry to all of you this all my fault I should've never showed up..

Ryland:In a way it is your fault .

Mark;Ryland no need to be rude she didn't know this was going to happen .

Ryland;I'm just saying

Rocky;shut up ryland . were not gonna start here In a hospital .

Ryland;Fine !

An Hour Later

Doctor;Riker Anthony Lynch?

Mark;Yes we're his family .

Doctor;Okay hello mr. & mrs.lynch

Stormie;Hello so what's wrong with Riker ?

Ross;Is he gonna be okay?

Rocky;Is he bad ?

Laura;Here we go again with you guys let the doctor talk. You guys really have a habit of doing this .

Lilly;haha .

Doctor;Okay well Riker did get in a bad accident . He pretty much has three cuts in his face .2 glasses from the window went in his skin from his shoulder so we had to take those out we put bandages . He almost broke his ankle but it's just sprained he has bandages wrapped around it too .He also has a bandage wrapped around his stomach because he had a huge piece of glass from the window stuck on the side of his stomach . & their is a possibility of memory loss .


Doctor;Yes theirs a possibility of memory loss .

Mark;Can we at least see him?

Doctor;Sure follow me .

They Head To Riker's Room

Ross;Who's gonna tell Rydel.?

Rocky;I guess you & I well tell her in a bit .

Mark;Okay guys .

Riker;Uhh who are you ? do I know you people ?

Stormie;*breaks down crying*


Hey guys sorry I didn't update yesterday I got lazy😝 & I really wanted to take a break cause I'm always updating but stay tuned for the next chapter

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