If I Can't Be With You

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Chapter 144;

Ross' P.O.V

I can not believe what Vanessa just said they can't go back to NYC. They just can't.

"Laura, you can't go please don't go." I said really hoping she would't agree with Vanessa. But what she said next suprised me and I think it suprised Vanessa too.

"I'm not going with you Vanessa and Ross I forgive you but were not getting back together yet." Did she really just say that but what she said at the end... Yet!? Yet!? It just keeps replaying in my mind that could mean she still loves me and wants to get back together some other time.

"Really your going to stay. Yes!" I said fist pumping the air. I have an idea that might get her to get the idea of getting back with me sooner." I'm going to go do something real quick."


After she said that I ran to my room and started to write a song.

-An Hour Later-

I am finished with the song and I need a way to sing it to Laura. So I sat there on the edge of my bed thinking of a way. Until I thought of a really great idea. I thought all of us could have a pool party then I sing the song to her. Then I ran downstairs to find Laura and everyone else in the living room watching tv.

"Hey everyone want to have a pool party just all of us."

"Sure." Everyone said except Laura.

"Come on Laura it will be fun."

"Okay, fine I'll come."

"Yes." Then we all went to our rooms to change once I got done changing I went to Rydel's door and knocked on it and then it opened up.

"Hey Rydel, I need your help on something." And with that she let me in her room.

"What is it."

"Okay, I have an idea to get Laura to give me another chance I know I've messed up a lot but I want her to understand that I love her and I can't be with out her. I also need your help to get the band to gether for it because I want to sing her a song and I was also thinking of letting Riker sing a song to Vanessa before she leaves and let him forgive her."

"Awww, that's a good idea and I'll help you on it."

"Thanks sis."

"Your welcome bro." Then we both headed to the pool and we seperated I went to the pool and she went to go talk with the rest of the guys on the idea. I then noticed them coming out of the house and Rydel looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. I thought to my self 'Yes I really hope Laura likes it and I hope Riker forgives Vanessa and I.'

-Later When They Have Everything Set Up-

"Ok Laura I hope you like this."

"And Vanessa the next song is me forgiving you."

I don't wanna be famous,

I don't wanna if I can't be with you

Everything I eat's tasteless

Everything I see don't compare with you

Paris, Monaco and Vegas,

I'd rather stay with you

If I had to choose

Baby you're the greatest,

And I got everything to lose,

And I just want to be with you

And I can't ever get enough!

Baby give it all up, up, I'd give it all up,

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