Rydel's Advice

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Chapter 167;

•Ross heads to Rydels room•

Rydel;Hey what's up little brother why you crying ? •upset•

Ross;Well I was talking to Laura about the feelings I have towards her well we talked & she told me that if she feels something for me she'll give me a chance but if not the she's gonna stay with Riker .

Rydel;Ross you know that girl still likes you right ? she's just sick of getting hurt. C'mon Ross you did hurt her real bad .

Ross;I know but I regret everything •sobbing•

Rydel;Okay look Ross you can try to forget about her or just not talk to her but I think you should not talk to her just to support Riker because you know girls only take him for granted .

Ross;It's going to be hard but okay your right.

Rydel;Okay good now put a fake smile on your face & walk out like you don't care

Ross;Thanks sis you always come through

Rydel;No problem little bro

Ross;Where's Ratliff

Rydel;Ummm Umm he went to the store

Ross;Uhh okay? for what?

Rydel;He got hungry? yeah he got hungry •nervous•

Ross;Okay weirdo well bye *walks out*

Rydels POV

Ugh Rydel couldn't you be more obvious . hopefully they don't find out well they are but not for now . I'm really worried about this


Ooo what's Rydel hiding? o;

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