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Chapter 223;

They Head To The Bowling Alley

Ross;Okay we're here


Ryland;Lets go

They Go inside

Laura;I'm surprised it's not full

Riker;Yeah well let's get started

Ross;Are you guys gonna want food ?

Rydel;I do

Ryland;God Rydel you eat a lot

Rocky;Dude one word


Ryland;Ohhh no wonder

Ross;Sometimes I ask how we're related

Ryland;That's not nice

Rocky;But it's funny

Ryland;I don't know if you guys noticed but theirs this girl that's eye balling one of us


Rocky;Don't make it obvious

Ross;You noticed to Ry Ry ?

Ryland;Yeah okay let's just get to the game

Rydel;Uh she's coming this way

Ross;What if it's a fan ?

Rocky;The usual greet them duh

Laura;Okay everyone shut up

??;Hey you guys are R5 ! I'm a huge fan


Rydel;Your so pretty what's your name?


Riker;Nice to meet you Madison

Ryland;Wow your cute


Ratliff;So your from here ?

Madison;No I'm from LA but we came on a family trip we stayed here for a month & we leave tomorrow. It's crazy how I'm talking to you guys you know since I'm a nobody

Riker;No don't ever say that if your here it's a reason

Ryland;Care to join us?

Madison;Sure . Wait aren't you Ross's girlfriend ?


Madison;Your really pretty in real life


Madison;No problem

Ross;Sorry if I make this awkward but how old are you ?

Madison;Oh no it's cool I'm 19

Riker;Nice . Are you a ross girl , Rocky girl , Riker girl , or a ratliff girl ?

Madison;I'm a Riker's girl

Riker;Well your pretty cute not gonna lie

Ross;Why don't we go somewhere else so you & Riker can get to know each other

Laura;Riker remember were leaving in 2 hours have fun!!

Rydel;I'm glad he found someone

Rocky;Were did Ryland go?

Ross;He's with a group of girls

Rocky;Great I'm alone with you guys

Ratliff;Did anyone notice that Riker's eyes lit up when he saw Madison

Rydel;I noticed

Ross;Same here

Laura;Lets be happy & hope that girl can change him in a good way

Rocky;I agree he mostly has bad luck with girls they usually play him which sucks

Ross;yeah & guys like Riker don't come around real often


Laura;Lets get this game started

Rydel;Boys vs girls ?

Ross;It's uneven though

Rydel;So we can handle you guys

Ratliff;Your on

Rydel;If we win you guys have to do whatever we say when we go back home for a whole week

Ross;If we win you guys have to do the same


With Riker & Madison

Madison;So why are you here

Riker;I actually came to look for someone but it was no use

Madison;Oh so your interested in someone else ?

Riker;No not anymore

Madison;Okay cool. So when are you gonna start touring again ?

Riker;When Rydel has her baby & is healed


Riker;Yeah you know I feel this connection between you & I


Riker;Yeah I pretty much never met a girl like you

Madison;Well girls like me don't come around often

Riker;I know that's what sucks..

Madison;How come. ? If I may know

Riker;I usually get taken granted for

Madison;Wow I feel very sorry for you . I know how it feels


Riker's POV

Wow I can't believe I may have found the one I've been looking for I'm gonna get to know Madison better before I make my move . I don't want it to end up like last time .Well time to restart my life good bye past hello present I start a new chapter in life


Hey guys guess who's kinda sad today ?

Me 🙍. Today really wasn't my day I have post concert depression 😪💔. So if I have any readers that are going to an R5 concert enjoy it & have a great time ! & I lost a person which was my so called "bestfriend" I don't know guys 😔. Things are going downhill now .

Like people say keep your head up high & that's what I'm gonna do



Stay tuned for the next chapter ♥️♥️☺️. hopefully Madison is the one for Riker 😄👍♥️.

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