Are you serious

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Chapter 102;

*grabs her arm*


Laura;Admit you are !

Ross;Okay fine we've only been together for 1 week

Laura;I knew you guys were together !

Ross;But it's not the same As if it were you

Laura;*laughs* your so funny . you know I don't care if your with her I hope you too last.

Ross;thanks no I mean please Laura I still like you.

Laura;no Ross

*Riker goes in*

Riker;Ross just leave her alone she doesn't want to be near you understand .

Laura;Riker oh my god did you know that Ross & Vanessa are together

Riker;What??? Your such a snake Ross

Ross;Hey she moved on it's not my fault she doesn't want you no more !

Riker;You know I still like her why would you do that?? I'm done with you Ross from here don't talk to me *sad* c'mon Laura let's go downstairs


*They head downstairs*

Ross's POV

I can't believe I did that
I do like Vanessa but not as much as I like Laura . it's different with her. the thing is Vanessa is too old well not that old for me it's just wrong but I can't control my feelings when I saw Laura my world was brightened up already . I cant do this to Riker ....

{with Riker & Laura}

Laura;Riker are you okay??

Riker;Yeah just disappointed in Ross

Laura;Hey he may have gotten with Vanessa but I mean you should try to move on theirs a bunch of pretty girls out their. I know that they won't be the same as Vanessa but you should try .

Riker;You're right I should move on thanks for the advice Laur

Laura;I missed being called that *giggles*

Riker;Do you maybe want to go out to the mall later or watch movies ?

Laura;Sure *smiles*

Riker;Okay *kisses her cheek*


Riker;Sorry *gets red & nervous* see you later


What's going on now ??((;
Huge twist here well I'll give you a heads up Ross saw Riker give Laura a kiss in the cheek .

Will that mean something to Laura? What'll happen now?

Stay tuned !(:

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