They Wont Do Nothing

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Chapter 355;

Stormie;What if they try to harm Rydel or Laura again?

Ryland;Didn't you hear there done messing around with us .

Riker;You never know

Vanessa;Well let's put aside . Just worry about the babies .

Ross;She's right .

Rydel;Im sure they won't try & lay another finger on us but like dad said we gotta protect our selfs .

Ryland;More like you 4 cause we're fine . We got Riker , me , & dad Rocky not so much cause he's still weak .

Ross;Ratliff & I handle them .

Ratliff;Of course I mean I risked my life for Rydel once I'm not afraid to do it again .

Mark;That's why I'm fine with you getting married with my daughter cause I know you'll protect her .

Ratliff;Yeah she just doesn't deserve this actually none of us do.

Vanessa;They Won't Do Nothing.

Laura;Just take care of yourself Nessa

Rydel;Also we gotta watch out for lilly since she's pregnant too .

Ryland;Of course she's already part of the family .

Ratliff;Since she got with Rocky she's been part of us .

Laura;It's a good thing .

Stormie;Yes it is . lets go to the cafeteria & eat something

Ross;Okay (carries ryder) your a cute baby ryder

Ryder;(looks at ross)

Ross;I love you

Ryder;(touches Ross's cheek)

Ross;(chuckles) that's my cheek .

Rydel;How adorable (takes a picture)

Ryland;Typical Rydel

Rydel;What don't judge me .


(They Head To The Cafeteria)

Stormie;Take a seat well get something for you

Mark;Okay so your mom & I will go quickly to get food . I'm sure none of you want cafeteria food . so wait right here well be back

Ross;So you made us come here for nothing?

Rydel;Okay .

Riker;Make sure to bring 2x more of what your gonna bring .


Ryland;Cause when before the incident of Rocky when we were eating Vanessa ate most of the food

Vanessa;You guys try being pregnant !

Laura;That's pregnancy for you .


Laura;I wanna carry my baby boy

Ross;(hands ryder to laura)

Laura;Hey ryder

Ryder;(smiles at laura)

Laura;You look so much like your daddy

Ryder;(touches Laura's lips)

Laura;(pecks his forehead)

Ross;(takes a picture)

Ryland;We have another Rydel in the family

Ross;Hey !


Rydel;(smacks ryland in the back of his head)

Ryland;Ouch that hurt .

Rydel;That's what you get

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