Park & Talking

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Chapter 130;

{In the morning}

Ross's POV

Wow it feels nice to wake up beside the person you love we'll I had a horrible dream & I hope to forget about it I hope today's a good day .

Laura;*flutters her eyes open & smiles* good morning Ross

Ross;Good morning princess . what do you want to do today?

Laura;I don't know I'll be okay with whatever you want to do

Ross;How about we go to the park

Laura;Sure let me just change .by the way Ross did I hit You with my cast last night ?

Ross;No why?

Laura;Just making sure

Ross;Okay well let's get ready


{They got into their clothes & went downstairs}

Rydel;Good morning love birds

Laura;Good morning love

Ratliff;What are you guys doing today?

Laura;Were going to the park


Ross;Where are Vanessa & Riker ?

Ratliff;Their still sleeping

Ross;Oh okay


Ross;Just cause their usually the 1st ones to be up

Rydel;True. how you feeling Laura

Laura;Ehh not well

Ratliff;awe it's gonna get better

Rydel;Don't you get tired of carrying your crutches

Laura;It's alright I mean I'm getting the hang of it

Rydel;Well damn you 2 better get going we don't want to hold you up

Laura & Ross;Okay guys bye

[They head to the park]

Ross;Would you like some ice cream?

Laura;No thanks I'm good

Ross;Okay well let's go to a bench so you can rest


*They head to an empty bench*

Ross;How did it feel to get shot ?

Laura;It's a big pain but whatever it's done & it happened

Ross;It sucks seeing you like this. can I ask you something?

Laura;Sure what is it?

Ross;How did it feel to date my brother ?

Laura;Well I'm going to be honest it felt good but at the same time I felt bad cause I knew you liked me & I knew Vanessa still had feelings for him

Ross;Oh so you still liked me?

Laura;Well not really but I then realized that I belonged with you. How did it feel to date Vanessa ?

Ross;It was alright since you 2 look alike well I would imagine she was you . when I would kiss Vanessa i felt no sparks . when I saw you come back I just felt like going up to you & kissing you but I couldn't cause you hated me

Laura;I didn't hate you . I was well upset


Laura;Cause when I walked in the house I remembered our 1st date but then I remembered how you & I ended up you know. So that's when I saw you I was happy but then I got upset cause I remembered about our break up

Ross;You know Riker still likes you right?

Laura;He does ?


Laura;How do you know?

Ross;He told me when he found out we were together he told me to take care of you & not hurt you because you were a gift sent to me & well he told me that he still liked you

Laura;Oh but you know no matter what I will always love you

Ross;I know & I'm glad

Laura;Your the best

Ross;So are you

*Pecks her lips*

Laura;Did you guys ever finish taking everything else out of the house?

Ross;Yeah we sold some things that Vanessa didn't need

Laura;Wait why?

Ross;She wanted some money to buy stuff she needed



Laura;Wait you said your in a band right?

Ross;Yeah why?

Laura;How come you have no fans going crazy over you ?

Ross;I do it's just that their mostly you know on Instagram or Twitter why do you think sometimes Riker & the rest are on their phones its because their on twitter tweeting them

Laura;Ohh I see

Ross;Yeah but on Instagram that's where my life is & sometimes our fans know so much about us more than we know stuff about our selfs

Laura;Wow what are your fans to you guys?

Ross;To us their family their known to be the closest fandom you know we may not be that famous but yeah their the R5 family & the most loving fans

Laura;awe that's sweet you guys consider them family


I tried making this chapter long (: hope you enjoy !!(:

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