Im an idiot

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Chapter 138;

Ross's POV

I can't believe I just broke up with Laura again I'm such an idiot I hate myself for this . why can't I just make her happy without drama . I hate myself & Laura doesn't deserve me.


*Ross heads to Laura's Room*


Laura;Go away Ross I don't want to see you ! *crying*

Ross;Laura please *sobbing* just listen to me

Laura;For what? just to listen to your lies ? everything you've told me is bullshit Ross you never mean anything you tell me

Ross;Laura please I just want to talk

Laura;No go away

Ross;Okay then you leave me with no choice I'm staying here until you open the door . *sits down & buries his head in his hands*

{The rest arrive}

•Riker heads upstairs & sees Ross•

Riker;Woahh little man what's wrong why you crying ? *upset*

Ross;I broker up with Laura again *Tears streaming down his face*

Riker;What do you mean you broke up with her again ?

{The rest head upstairs}

Vanessa;Woah what's going on why is Ross crying?

Riker;*gulps* Umm he broke up with Laura

Rydel & Vanessa;What??

Ratliff;Ross really? again ?

Riker;I'm gonna talk to Laura

Vanessa;Ross in my room now !

•Riker knocks on Laura's door•

Laura;Go away Ross I told you to leave me alone

Riker;It's not Ross it's me Laura

Laura;Ohh well I don't want to talk to no one

Riker;Please Laura just let me in

•Laura gets up & unlocks the door•

Riker;*hugs her* what's wrong Laura ? are you okay? *upset*

Laura;*sobbing* no I'm not okay

Riker;Why did he brake up with you ?

Laura;*Tells him* that's why I was just trying to talk it out I don't know why he took it the wrong way . I just wanted to actually know if he still likes my sister

Riker;Wow well Laura just move on it'll be for the best

Laura;Thanks Riker

Riker;No problem *hugs her tightly* just know I love you Laura

Laura;awe *smiles*

Riker;Theirs that smile

~With Ross & Vanessa~

Vanessa;Why did you break up with my sister Ross ?

Ross;Vanessa I'm such an idiot I didn't mean to . I was mad well cause

Vanessa;Cause what ? *raising her voice*

Ross;*stuttering* I-I still like you but I know your gonna get married soon

Vanessa;Oh look Ross I like you but my heart belongs to Riker . just don't get near my sister right now this is the 3rd time you've broken her heart & I'm not okay with that .

Ross;I know I've mest up like I said earlier I'm an idiot

Vanessa;You are Ross well go to sleep

Ross;Thanks Nessa *hugs her & leaves*


Poor Laura again :(

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