Shes A Problem

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Chapter 249;

Laura;What are you doing here ?

??;I came to apologize I need you .

Laura;Do you only need me cause Dave left you ? No Vanessa you only come to me when you want something

Vanessa;No Laura im serious , I left Dave cause I realized that I wanted to be with Riker but turns out he's not home right now . & well i asked Mark & stormie were you where . They said you got your own place . Woah are you pregnant ?

Laura;So what is Riker your second option ? & yes I'm pregnant

Rydel;Wait hold on .. what happened to your baby bump ?

Vanessa;Long story ..

Ross;So you lost it?

Vanessa;Uh yeah


Vanessa;Car crash

Laura;oh I'm sorry about that , but I honestly don't want you here you only come when your alone & you have no one

Rydel;I agree with Laura

Riker Comes in

Riker;Hey guys I met this girl She's so freaking cute I'm telling you she's amazing *sees Vanessa* oh hey ness I didn't see you their .

Vanessa;hi Riker

Riker;Uh what are you doing here ?

Vanessa;I came to get you back but seems like your interested in someone else

Ratliff;No stop ! Vanessa I'm sorry if I disrespect you but you hurt Riker enough , you don't deserve him . You pretty much take him for granted . You play him . He gets hurt .What do you want from him because you only come to us when you need something. I don't like what your doing .

Vanessa;This is like the 1st time I come to you guys . it's okay though I'm pretty much not wanted here .

Rydel;No Vanessa I agree with Ratliff . you have hurt my brother . you don't know how much he's cried because of you ! You took him for granted . you never cared what else do you want from him ? cause if you only want to be with him because your alone just don't even bother

Vanessa;Why are you only telling me this Laura has hurt both ross & Riker but you don't tell her nothing

Rocky;Laura is a different story . Besides were not talking about Laura here. look Vanessa . your cute but Riker is not interested no more .

Ross;Yeah Riker deserves the best & well you really gotta clean up your attitude . so can you just leave.?

Vanessa;Whatever ... okay bye *leaves*

Laura;God damn she's a problem

Rydel;Yeah apparently . where are mom & dad?

Rocky;They went to go get some food

Rydel;Okay well we're gonna get going .

Laura;Rydel did you just pee ?

Rydel;No that was their already when we walked in .

Ratliff;No Rydel that was not their .

Rydel;Oh damn so did my water break? cause if it did I'm too early *breathing heavily*

Ross;Oh shit Ratliff get her to the car .

Ratliff;Can you walk Delly ?

Rydel;Ugh no Ratliff it hurts !

Laura;Okay plan B carry her out to the car !

Riker;Rocky call mom & dad go wake up ryland !

Rydel;Ahhh !!! you guys hurry !! *screaming in pain*

Ross;Okay Cmon !

Ratliff;Okay delly breath in & out Cmon

Rydel;I'm fucking trying here *breathing in & out*

Laura;Okay let's go

Riker;Rocky what did mom & dad say ?

Rocky;They'll meet us at the hospital

Rydel;Hurry guys !!!

Ratliff;Okay ross step on it !!


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