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Chapter 32;

Riker;That was awesome ! seems like you lost Marano !

Vanessa;Okay fine I lost !

Riker;We better go buy you a sharpie because my name is going to be on your forehead !

Vanessa;Calm down lynch it's just one week !

Riker;a week is something

Vanessa;oh sure !

-With Ratliff & the rest-

Ratliff;You guys how come your not scared !?

Rocky;I don't know I guess were tougher than you !

Ratliff;That's mean bro

Rocky;I'm kidding !

Rydel;Julie how did you meet Rocky?

Julie;I accidentally bumped into him .

Rocky;Yeah turns out her bro came with his girlfriend & she felt like the 3rd wheel

Ratliff;Ooo she's got a brother your going to get beat up my man !

Rocky;oh sure I am

Rydel;Get ready guys were next !

Julie;Awe yeah

Rydel;Damn this girl is up for anything !

Rocky;That's what I like about her !

Julie;*blushes* awe

-With Ross & Laura-

Ross;Let's go get cotton candy yeah honey?

Laura;Sure but I'm paying it

Ross;No cause I'm the gentleman

Laura;no Ross

Ross;Please princess ! I'll let you pay next time pretty please

Laura;Okay fine !

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