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Chapter 346;

Ross;Okay baby I'll see you

Laura;Bye be careful. (Pecks his lips)

Ross;Will do bye (leaves)

Laura;(gets Ryder & her car keys)

Rydel;hey Laurie where you going?

Laura;To your moms house

Ratliff;Cmon go with us we were gonna go too

Laura;(smiles) okay

(With Ross & Hope)

Ross;(sighs , gets out of his car & knocks on hopes door)

Hope;(opens)hey ross

Ross;You ready to go?

Hope;Yes let's go

Ross;Okay (they go inside his car)

Hope;Where are we going ?

Ross;a restaurant

Hope;Okay (smirk)

Hopes POV
I brought my crew incase my boys are following us behind in case Ross's family decides to interrupt Ross doesn't know though I don't care about none of them hopefully they rot in hell . I figured this was gonna be a long ride .

(With the Lynch's)

Rocky;so what now you let ross take decisions ?!

Lilly;Rocky calm down

Laura;He's doing it for your guys safety you actually think I want him to go on this date ? Fuck no but he had a point why ! We shouldn't interrupt something could go wrong

Riker;Yeah but he could've asked instead of taking the risk

Rydel;He just wants all this too end alright

Stormie;We know we just don't trust Hope your siblings told us all what happened why didn't none of you guys call the police ?

Vanessa;We don't know we just panicked we didn't know what to do

Mark;This is insane we gotta go get ross

Ratliff;Do you want to risk someone else's life ? We don't know where he even is !

Savannah;try the tracker on his phone

Laura:alright (checks the tracker)

Stormie;Any news ?

Laura;He's heading over to Rick's Fancy restaurant (a/n couldn't think of a fancy place )

Rocky;Okay let's go

Ratliff;What about the babies ?

Mark;Well just take them let's go

(They all start heading to the restaurant)

Stormie;Mark drive slow

Riker;Do you want ross to survive mom?

Stormie;Of course but we have two babies plus Vanessa's pregnant

Rocky;Just drive !

Riker;Take it easy Rocky !

(A few minutes later)

Ross;were here

Hope;Great (gets off)

Ross;can I ask a quick question ?


Ross;Did you bring yo- (gets cut off by Rocky yelling his name)

Rocky;Ross !


Rocky;Man don't do this let's just go

Hope;what are you doing here? ! (Does a signal)

Rocky;Getting my brother out of this mess why are yo- (gets shot on his back twice & falls to the floor)

Laura;Rocky !

Lilly;No Rocky !! (Tears up)

Manager from the restaurant;What's going on here ?

Ross;No not Rocky (gets on his knees & starts crying)

Mark;Call a freaking ambulance !

Riker;Your a fucking bitch Hope ! (crying)

Lilly;Rocky? Baby please don't leave me . (Crying)

Laura;this is all my fault (crying)

Vanessa;Shh laura he's gonna be okay (hugs her)

Holy fudge 😱
Hope you enjoy !

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