Raura;Lauras Voice

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Chapter 71;

Ross;Laur thank you so much baby that song was so incredible

Laura;awe thanks sweet heart

Rydel;you have an amazing voice Laur !

Vanessa; I know when did you learn to sing like that?

Laura; no where I taught myself

Riker; but you sing amazing better than Rydel

Rydel; rude much?

Riker; I'm kidding baby sis.

Ratliff; no seriously Laura your voice is amazing & Rydel when are you going to sing?

Rydel; I don't know

Rocky;Wow guys your all up on Laur just cause she has an incredible voice

Riker;It's cause dude she sounded perfect

Ross;okay guys I can only compliment her !!

Riker;Calm down it's just a compliment

Rocky;Everyone just shut up because Ross is going to turn into hulk if you keep completing his girl

Ross;no I'm just saying cause Riker your saying she sounded perfect & you have a girlfriend which is next to you plus she's Laura's sister


Ratliff;Let's just go to sleep cause mom & dad are coming tomorrow

Rydel;were not tired though & it's berly 8:40

Rocky;what's the hurry Ratliff ?

Ratliff;nothing cause Ross is getting mad about is complementing his girl

Vanessa;He's not getting mad he's just reminding you guys cause you do know were in front of y'all & you guys are complementing my sis

Laura;*laughs* you guys are jealous xD

Ross;well duh wouldn't you be if someone just comes complementing me ?

Laura;Well duh cause your mine !

Rydel;You see so you guys better stop

Riker;but were just complementing Laura's voice nothing else !

Vanessa & Rydel; that's true


Sorry I didn't update yesterday I was really busy 😔.

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