Does She Even Like You?

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Chapter 254;

Ross;Okay you done Laura ?

Laura;Yeah let's go .


They Go To The Hospital

Ratliff;Okay so are you gonna breast feed her?

Rydel;Yes I have to

Ratliff;okay oh by the way my parents are coming tomorrow


Ross;Hey guys

Rydel;Hey ross

Laura;We brought you some flowers & ballons

Ratliff;That's nice of you guys

Ross;For Rydel

Ratliff;Okay haha

Laura;How you doing?

Rydel;Pretty good just a bit tired

Ratliff;Rosalie is a hand full but still a good baby

Ross;That's good

Rydel;Where's Riker ?

Ross;On a date

Rydel;Really ? how cool .with who?

Laura;Yeah with this girl Kate

Ross;guess what else happened guys


Laura;Vanessa came back again.

Rydel;Are you serious ?

Ross;yup today in the morning she was yelling

Ratliff;Wow how does she know where you guys live ?

Laura;I honestly don't know

Rydel;What does she even want?

Ross;She wants Riker


Laura;Yeah apparently

Rydel;No way in hell she's gonna get Riker back . I'm tired of her hurting him

Laura;Trust me , me too even though she's my sister .

Ross;As long as Riker doesn't fall it's all good

Rydel;I agree


Ratliff;Where's Rocky ?

Laura;At a party he was telling us to go but we said no cause we had to finish the room

Ross;Oh by the way Ratliff don't worry about the crib I finished it for you

Ratliff;Really ? thanks man

Ross;No problem . Well guys we only came to say hi . we're gonna get going already


Ratliff;Bye guys

They Head Home

Ross's POV

As Laura & I left we got home , I saw Riker in the front with two girls. I realized one girl was Vanessa , Laura & I hurried down .

Ross;What are you doing here again?

Vanessa;I came to talk to Riker cause I wanted to say goodbye since I'm leaving again but I pretty much interrupted his make out session with this girl right here

Laura;Hold it right their Vanessa okay, you could've just said bye not stay here .

Riker;Look Laura your sister is really pissing me off because she's pretty much creeping up on me every while , I'm just trying to be happy here again & she's pretty much making my life hell .

Ross;Vanessa just leave , or I'll call the cops & have you taken away .

Laura;Look Riker doesn't want you no more understand

Riker;I basically moved on already ness what's the point of you trying to get me back if it's not gonna work? I tried that with you . did it work? at 1st but then you left me for that one guy

Vanessa;I'll leave , if you answer this question .

Riker;What is it?

Vanessa;Does she even like you ?

Kate;I do like him . Your question got answered you can leave now cause he's told me a lot about you & trust me I don't want to mess up the way you did .

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