The Truth?

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Chapter 297;


Riker;Please just tell me Hope all I need is the truth we won't do nothing to you

Hope;I don't know

Riker;It's just the truth nothing else

Hope;The truth ?


Hope;Okay well this baby isn't Ross's I'm pregnant from my boyfriend .

Riker;okay here's the other question


Riker;Why were you saying it was Ross's child ?

Hope;I wanted to be with ross . When Rocky said if he was gonna introduce his fiancé to me it broke me inside .

Riker;Okay Ross's ex Lizbeth is with us & honestly you don't see her trying to break them up . I'm gonna tell you one thing , never try to break them up because Ross is hooked on Laura & Laura is hooked on ross their like magnets . If she moves he moves .

Hope;I noticed .

Riker;Yeah that's all I wanted to talk to you about now I'm gonna get going

Hope;Oh before you go I need to confess something to you


Hope;I kind of still like you I know it's crazy I've been crushing on you since Ross & I were friends

Riker;oh well sorry Hope I don't feel that way about you

Hope;I know I just thought you should know

Riker;Okay bye


Riker Leaves

Rocky;About time

Riker;Sorry I kind of took long

Rocky;It's okay

Riker;Yeah so I got proof

Rocky;Okay let's go


They Head To The Hospital

Ross;When are they gonna get back ?

Rydel;I don't know

Ryder starts crying

Ratliff ;one thing ross he's either hungry or has a dirty diaper

Laura wakes up

Laura;hey guys


Lizbeth;He's adorable

Rydel;I know right ?

Ratliff;delly Rosalie fell asleep

Rydel;Okay just out her in her car seat


Lilly;Now theirs gonna be 2 babies in the house how awesome

Vanessa;Yeah but Goodluck to us because when Rosalie arrived home in the night she would cry

Rydel;Yeah hopefully Ryder is less quiet

Laura;Ross can you get me the bottle the nurse left to me so I can feed Ryder


Savannah;I'm hungry

Ryland;So am I

Savannah;Do you guys want anything were gonna go get food

Rydel;No thanks I'm good just bring me a smoothie

Vanessa:Just bring me food it doesn't matter what kind


Ratliff;Same as delly

Lizbeth;I want to go with you guys

Lilly;I don't want nothing

Savannah;Okay let's go liz ross you want anything ? Are you sure lilly ?

Lilly;I'm positive thanks for the offer though

Ross;No thanks I'm fine

Riker & Rocky arrive

Riker;Hey guys

Laura;Hey where were you guys ?

Rocky;We went to go Umm

Ross;they went to go see Hope

Laura;Why ?

Riker;So we can prove that Ross is innocent


Ross;So wheres the proof?

Lilly;I'll wait outside with Rocky

Rocky;Okay let's go

Riker;Here you go Buddy Vanessa & I will leave you guys to talk

Vanessa;okay guys good luck

They Leave

Hope you enjoy
Yay ross isn't the father of hope's baby ☺️👏.

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