Missing Lynch (Sequel to Hidden Lynch)•An R5 Fanfic by bealynxh
Missing Lynch (Sequel to Hidden Ly...by 💖😘 B⃟E⃟A⃟ 😘💖
It's been a year since the youngest Lynch child, Ramona Roxy, ran away from home, due to her family's hurtful words. Lori Crow, a family friend, happily took Mona with h...
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Catastrophic Nights - Ross Lynch by videosofshor
Catastrophic Nights - Ross Lynchby videosofshor
It's hard to control feelings. Harder when you're lonely. Hardest when your only aim Is to lock them behind doors, just the way they're sealed to preserve cries of pro...
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The Beast Has Been Released (Book 2)  by Grimmy_Black
The Beast Has Been Released (Book...by Grimmy_Black
#872 IN ROMANCE #878 IN ROMANCE #571 IN ROMANCE #579 IN ROMANCE #495 IN ROMANCE #6 IN RIKER #8 IN FELICITY Book 2: Beginning Date: Dec, 21 2017 Ending Date: (Se...
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Masked Lynch by talkfast5sos
Masked Lynchby Isabella Renee
"Sometimes we hide behind masks because we want to protect ourselves."
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Stalker✔(Raura Fanfic) by koreansgurl
Stalker✔(Raura Fanfic)by Mrs. Jung
-completed ~ not edited- "You can run Laura... I will run faster... You can hide you... I will find you..."
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The Queen Of Heavens (Hells Angels MC #1) by kittie0506
The Queen Of Heavens (Hells Angels...by kittie0506
Juno was kidnapped and abused for five months. She was kidnapped by filthy and scary looking bikers. Why? She has no idea. All she wants is to get out. How would she rea...
  • biker
  • abuse
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Amazing things (Ryland Lynch love story) by rosesXr5
Amazing things (Ryland Lynch love...by Lex
Kameryn Smith was a typical 15 year old girl from North Carolina. She wasn't much to the world, but she was someone's best friend, someone's big sister, someone's daught...
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Love Is Love (Rikoss/Rossker) by radio_rebel1991
Love Is Love (Rikoss/Rossker)by Bethy
I suck at descriptions, but please give this story a chance!
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Kidnapped  by DONUT_JR
Kidnapped by Justin💔
Ross has been in love with Laura Marano since he first saw her at a concert. He could never get over her. He wanted her all too himself. He didn't want to share her with...
  • marano
  • drama
  • kidnapped
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Reconnecting  by talkfast5sos
Reconnecting by Isabella Renee
"Hey ther-" Riker's voice stopped abruptly. He stares at me, disbelief on his face. "Felicity?" He questions, staring me in the eye. I bite my lip...
  • rydellington
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Stockholm Syndrome  by talkfast5sos
Stockholm Syndrome by Isabella Renee
Stock•holm syn•drome Noun Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.
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Kidnapped by Riker Lynch by kylieskatz22
Kidnapped by Riker Lynchby Kylie K
Riker accidentally kidnaps Brynn. He doesn't know what to do because it was kind of an accident.
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Married To My Enemy, Ross Lynch by SleepyRoss
Married To My Enemy, Ross Lynchby Ross's Bae
Taylor Dawson is a 17 year old who hates the one and only...Ross Lynch But he loves her! Does she have the same feelings? Until one day, her parents tell her that they a...
  • lynch
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Burdened: A Skoliver/Braz Pregnancy / #Wattys 2018 by NHumphrey2001
Burdened: A Skoliver/Braz Pregnanc...by Noah Humphrey
One night, while the Elite Force are celebrating, due of them beating Roman and Riker, 4 out of the 5 members hooked up. The next week, Skylar and Bree are pregnant. The...
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Auslly/Raura One Shots by DONUT_JR
Auslly/Raura One Shotsby Justin💔
As you can tell, it's Raura and Auslly One Shots
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Fall Back In Love by ReadingForevs26
Fall Back In Loveby Hadley
"I just wanna feel life like a child again Dance under the moonlight till stars give in Fall back in love Back in love again." *** Tatum Slater is an aspiring...
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  • 2016
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R5 Imagines by gearoidinfitzpatrick
R5 Imaginesby Gearóidín
R5 imagines. Any R5er out there I will write an imagine of your favourite R5 boy and also Ryland. It can be about anything you want. I don't know any R-rated imagines. T...
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R5 Preferences  by bealynxh
R5 Preferences by 💖😘 B⃟E⃟A⃟ 😘💖
Requests are open for short time! NO SMUT IN THIS BOOK! I may do another book just for smut if I need to. Please also check out my other book. PM or comment for one
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Hidden Lynch•An R5 Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by bealynxh
Hidden Lynch•An R5 Fanfiction [COM...by 💖😘 B⃟E⃟A⃟ 😘💖
Ramona Roxy Lynch was your typical school girl who had a loving family and a best friend she could count on. But when a huge secret comes out, will everyone love her for...
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Star Trek Oneshots by Music_and_Books5ever
Star Trek Oneshotsby Sarah Gearhart
Star Trek Oneshots with any character from the Original Series or The Next Generation.
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