Busy Day

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Chapter 195;

Ryland;Okay you ready to go Ross ?

Ross;what about Laura?

Laura;Oh no it's okay I'll be here with your parents

Mark;Yeah you & Ratliff along with Ryland can go .

Ross;Are you sure?

Riker & Rydel;Just go

Ross;Okay fine *pecks Laura's lips* I'll be back in a bit



Laura;I know he's sweet

Rocky;Oh no I was saying awe cause I finished my Mac and cheese

Ross;Dork haha

Ratliff;let's go

Stormie;You kids be safe

Ross & Ryland;Okay

They leave

Mark;okay the decorations are in the backyard

Riker & the rest;Let's get going

Stormie;I'm going to start baking the cake

Mark;I'm going to do the barbecue

Riker;Well set up the patio tent

Rocky;Yeah c'mon

They head to the backyard

Rocky;okay Riker get the patio tent from the other side

Riker;I'm trying but this thing is hard & rocky I can't cause I also have a cast


Rocky;What's so funny?

Laura;It's cause Riker said " this thing is hard "

Rocky;*laughs* I see

Rydel;Wow guys . Laura put up these strings In the bushes


Rocky;Were done

Rydel;Great out the table cloth on the table . Riker you get the cups , plates, & forks out along with the punch


Rydel;Laura you done?


Rydel;Great now let's get the chips out


Riker;Wow this is such a busy day



Rydel;Okay get the party strings & hang them down the patio door

Laura;Okay Riker care to give me a boost?

Riker;Go for it

Rydel;Rocky go get the rest of the things

Rocky;*Whispers* delly Ross is gonna propose tonight so were gonna need your camera

Rydel;Oh my god okay


Rydel;How do you know?

Rocky;Riker told me

Rydel;This is huge !

Laura;What is?

Rydel;Uhh this Umm party string


Rydel;Yeah thank god I haven't put it up

Laura;Okay ?

They continued to decorate

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