Positive or Negative

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Chapter 169;

Rydel;Come with me to my room


•They head to Rydels room•

{With Riker & Ross}

Riker;Dude so guess who texted me ?



Ross;What did she want?

Riker;She wanted to meet up but I said no

Ross;Good job

*Ratliff walks in*

Ratliff;Hey guys

Ross;Where were you?

Ratliff;I went to the store

Riker;To buy what?

Ratliff;Some food don't you see bags in my hand ?? Or are you guys blind ?

Riker;No we're not blind & okay

Ratliff;I'm gonna go upstairs with Rydel .


~Ratliff heads upstairs~

Rydel;Good your here .

Ratliff;Yeah Umm Laura can you leave? real quick ?

Rydel;Don't worry she knows she promised she wouldn't say nothing

Ratliff;Okay here you go •hands her a pregnancy test•

Rydel;I'll be back •goes in the restroom

Ratliff;Her brothers are gonna kill me

Laura;But on the bright side if she ends up pregnant you'll raise a nice family

Ratliff;Yeah but what about the band ?

Laura;Ohh I don't know

Ratliff;I didn't want to mess that up .

Laura;Chill you never know maybe she is or maybe not

Ratliff;Ugh I'm nervous

•Rydel walks in•


Laura;C'mon I'm curious

Rydel;It's positive I'm pregnant

•Riker walks in•

Riker;YOUR WHAT?!?


Ohh what's gonna happen next?

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