Raura;Memory Loss Pt.2

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Chapter 77;

Ross;No No *crying*

Laura;Who are you people?*scared*

Vanessa;Laura we are your family that's Rydel , Rocky , Ratliff , Riker , & Ross . Ross is your boyfriend I know you won't remember right now but we won't pressure you.

Laura;Then who are you?

Vanessa;I'm your sister


Ross;Laura *tries to hold her hand*

Laura;*pulls her hand away* I don't even know you I'm not even sure if you are my boyfriend .

Ross;*crying* b-b-but L-Laura I am y-your b-b-boyfriend p-please believe m-m-me I'm begging you

Laura;Okay I believe you. So why am I here ?

Ratliff;You got hit in the head did you at least see the person ?

Laura;I don't remember that happening .....

Ratliff;It's okay

*Doctor comes in*

Doctor;Laura how are you?

Laura;So so my head hurts though .

Doctor;Okay I'll bring you some pills right now . *turns to the Lynch's* her memory loss isn't going to be permanent she will be okay in like 3 weeks just give her time no pressure who's her sister here?

Vanessa;That'll be me .

Doctor;Okay I'll give you some pills to give her every 3 hours you'll just give her 2x per day until her memory is back.

Vanessa;Okay thanks doc.

Doctor;No problem

*Stormie , Mark , & Ryland come in*

Stormie;We came as soon as we could

Laura;Who are you?

Stormie;umm ?? can someone explain what happened to her?

Rocky;she lost her memory ..

Mark;Laura I know you don't remember us but we are the mom & dad of these knuckle heads .

Laura;*laughs* & who is he?

Ryland;Umm I don't know you.

Ross;When you left over to your friends house you didn't get to meet them they went to our house they are the neighbors that moved in .


Ryland;Oh okay well I'm Ryland the youngest out of all of them nice to meet you & I hope you can remember everything soon

Laura;Thanks & I'm Laura the youngest too .

Ryland;Wait you have another sibling ?

Laura;yeah she's right their *points to Vanessa*

Ryland;*turns* oh hey nice to meet you

Vanessa;Nice to meet you too I'm Vanessa .

Ryland;That's a nice name !

Riker;back off she's mine

Mark;So have the doctors said anything?

Rydel;They said her memory will come back In 3 weeks or so but we can't pressure her to remember everything

Stormie;okay well when can Vanessa take her home

Riker;I have no idea .

Mark;Well I'll go check


*Mark goes to the front desk*

Mark;Excuse me but I'm here for Laura Marano & I'm wondering when can she go home ?

Nurse;She can leave tomorrow morning

Mark;Okay thank you ma'm

Nurse;No problem .

*Mark goes back*

Rocky;So when can she go home ?

Mark;Tomorrow morning . let's go home to get some rest & also so Laura can get her sleep

Ross;Can I stay???

Stormie;Sure sweetie just be careful we love you bye

*Everyone leaves but Ross*

Ross;Do you want me to lay next to you? or ?

Laura;Sure *scoots over*

Ross*Lays next to her* okay well goodnight

Laura;Goodnight *snuggles on him*

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