Go Get Her Back

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Chapter 302;

Ross Heads Downstairs

Riker;Hey how you feeling ?


Vanessa;So what did she leave you ?

Lilly;I love your necklace by the way

Ross;Thanks Laura left it & well now I know why she left


Ross;read for yourself *hands them the letter*

Rydel & The Rest Read It

Savannah;So hope caused all this ?

Ross;Sadly yes...

Ratliff;On the bright side she didn't give you the proposal ring back

Rocky;I agree with Ratliff I honestly thought she was gonna give it back but then she told me what it was

Ross;Now I just need to find her

Lizbeth;How are you gonna do that?

Ross;I don't know but I'm gonna try to find her

Vanessa;I think I know where she's gonna be

Ross;Where ?

Vanessa;When laura was 15 years old my great grandmother took her to this house in a lake . Im pretty sure she's their because my great grandmother gave it to her when she was 17 . Before we headed here she told me she was planning on going back their

Ross;So you think she's their ?

Rydel;Hearing that I believe she is

Ross;Do you still remember where it is ?

Vanessa;Of course because my family took a trip their

Ryland;Is it here in LA ?

Vanessa;Yes it is maybe like 3-4 hours away from here

Ross;Well can you give me the place where it is located at?

Vanessa;Sure . Just let me get the map so you can take it with you

Rocky;I suggest you pack some clothes

Lilly;You know in case you guys want to stay their a bit longer

Savannah;Have faith you'll find her their

Ross;Thanks Savannah

Ryland;Just go pack a bag


Heads Upstairs To Pack Some Clothes

Rydel;Do you guys think he'll find her?

Riker;I believe he is let's have faith so our baby bro can find his fiancé & son

Lizbeth;I agree with you .

Rocky;I'm sorry to ask this lizbeth but do you like ross ?

Lizbeth;Not really I only see him as a brother either way if I did like him I would never try to break Laura & him up

Riker;About time someone doesn't try to tear them apart

Lilly;Along the way some people will & some won't

Ross & Vanessa Head Downstairs

Ross;Okay guys

Rydel;You be safe

Ratliff;Contact us if you found her

Ross;Will do

Ryland;Go Get Her Back

Lilly;I'm sure he will

Rocky;Just be safe ross I'm serious you never know what's gonna happen

Ross;Thanks for worrying guys I'm gonna get going I have to get my family back

Ratliff;Be safe ross

Ross;Of course bye guys *exits the house*

Will Ross Find Laura?
Stay tuned for the next chapter .

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