Raura;Ross's Secret

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Chapter 66;

Ross;*whispers to Laura* Can we go to my room I need to tell you something

Laura;*whispers* okay let's go

Ratliff;Make sure to use a condom !!

Rydel;Omg Ratliff no !

Laura;Your gross!

Ross;*throws a pillow to Ratliff* no im not ready to do that ! *laughs*

Laura;Let's just go


*They get in the room*

Laura;What did you need to tell me?

Ross;Umm Laura I have to tell you a secret well my whole family knows but I think you have the right to know but I'm scared after this you won't like me no more

Laura;What is it?

Ross;*takes a deep breathe* Laura I used to be suicidal ...


Ross;Yes I know you don't like me now so yeah you can go ... I'm sorry Laur

Laura;No Ross I'm not mad I'm just I don't know shocked I didn't expect that from you ! but why Ross ? why?

Ross;It's cause I had fallen deep for Anna . Laur it was really hard I didn't know what to do .. I was really into her when I wasn't with her my life was incomplete . I used to cut . I have some scars look *takes off his shirt*

Laura;Ross why would you .... it's so sad to hear this

Ross;I needed to tell you because it was eating me alive

Laura;Promise me you won't do that

Ross;I promise

Laura;Ross I just can't get over how you did that

Ross;I know but I mean I stopped

Laura;You shouldn't have done that you know better if she left you for the other guy then she wasn't worth it ...

Ross;But you are *kisses her*

Laura;You do know your shirtless right?

Ross;Yeah but you know I look hot (; ♥️.

Laura;Keep wishing *laughs*

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