They Broke Up?

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Chapter 173;


Laura;Well I'm going to Rydels room

Riker;Okay •Riker gets up & puts pirates of the carribean•

~Laura goes In Rydels room~



Rydel;what's wrong ? you sound upset.

Laura;Well Riker & I decided to break up well actually Riker broke up with me .

Rydel;Awe why?

Laura;Well cause Riker still likes Vanessa & he noticed that Ross is still into me

Rydel;No kidding Ross is crazy for you


Rydel;Yeah well he talks to me about you sometimes .

Laura;Ohh I see well yeah that's what I wanted to tell you .

Rydel;Okay .

Laura;Have you signed up for a doctors appointment to see how your baby is?

Rydel;Yeah in 2 weeks .

Laura;Okay take care remember we're still in December you wouldn't want to get sick delly .

Rydel;Thanks for the concern

Laura;No problem . well I'm going to take a nap .

Rydel;Okay •Laura leaves & Rydel heads to Ross's room•

Rydel;*knocks on Ross's door* Ross can I can I come in?


Rydel;*walks in*

Ross;Hey what happened ?

Rydel;I have some news for you .

Ross;Where's Ratliff?

Rydel;He's sleeping . oh by the way would you like to go bowling later ?

Ross;Sure .wait you can't play though •laughs•

Rydel;awe man never mind till I get out of my cast which is in 3 days well go

Ross;Okay well any ways what did you need to tell me?

Rydel;Oh yeah ! guess what?


Rydel;Chicken butt. just kidding well turns out that Riker & Laura broke up today

Ross;Really why ?

Rydel;Cause Riker noticed that you had feelings for Laura. & Riker still likes Vanessa .

Ross;Oh. that's great .

Rydel;You have a chance to get her back bro .

Ross; I know but what do i have to do to get her to go out with me again?

Rydel;Well give her time so she won't seem like she's playing games


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