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Chapter 73;

*Riker gets a text*

Riker;No way !!!!

Vanessa;What ?

Riker;Guys start packing your bags !


Riker;Because were going to Paris !!!!!

Rydel;Wait Paris ?

Riker;Yes !

Vanessa;That's great guys have fun !

Riker;You guys are coming too!!

Ratliff;That's so awesome

Rydel;Let's get packing !!

Laura;Okay well Vanessa & I will head home to pack

Ross;Okay as soon as I'm done I'll go over

Riker;Yeah me too

Vanessa;Okay guys see you in a bit !!

Ross;Okay be careful

*Vanessa & Laura go home*

Laura;It's so awesome I can't believe were going to Paris

Vanessa;I know me too

Laura;Do you miss mom & dad?

Vanessa;of course I do

Laura;I really miss them Nessa I want to see them again

Vanessa;look we can skype them when we come back what do you think ?

Laura;Great idea

Vanessa;Okay start packing

*They start to pack their bags*

Vanessa;How romantic would it be to get proposed in Paris ??

Laura;I don't know , you want to get married already ??

Vanessa;No I'm just wondering how would it feel Laur .



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