Don't Do This

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Chapter 299;

Laura's POV
Okay I feel like a bitch but I don't know if I love ross the same way I did . I mean sure we had a baby but that doesn't change nothing , I'm really sorry but I'm gonna leave & I'm taking Ryder with me I'm gonna be gone for maybe 1 or 2 weeks . as soon as I'm out of here .

Rocky walks in

Rocky;Hey laura I wanted to talk to you

Laura;If your gonna talk to me about ross just don't

Rocky;No I wanted to talk to you about Ryder

Laura;Okay what about Ryder ?

Rocky;Are you really planning on leaving Ryder without a father ?

Laura;It's just temporarily . look it's my business if I want to leave or not

Rocky;I'm just trying here so you can stay with my brother . He really loves you sure he forgot about hanging out with you for your anniversary but that doesn't mean his love for you stopped .

Laura;Don't bring that up . & I'm not saying his love stopped . I just want to clear my mind .

Rocky;by leaving ? That won't solve anything . it's gonna make things worse . How ? Ross is gonna be heart broken .Your gonna need help from ross because of Ryder .Your taking the newborn so soon from Ross . You don't know how badly he wanted this . after your 1st baby loss he's been trying to change not only for you but for the best . now that he's trying to take full on responsibilities you ain't giving him a chance. your the only girl that has caused a real smile on his face . why ? When he 1st met you he laid his eyes on you . Every girl that has crossed him he doesn't focus on them because he's Hooked on you . When he found out about you being pregnant he wasn't one of those guys that left or told you to abort he wanted this real bad now your taking it away from him .

Laura;I'm not taking it away from him . I decided this . if this is what I've decided this respect it .

Rocky;Don't do this . Not now laura .

Laura;I have no other choice

Rocky;When you know your wrong don't bother to show up anymore . *leaves*

Nothing's working . No one can change Lauras mind stay tuned. This is the last chapter in doing tonight I know I said I was gonna do a spam but I'm tired since I did chores 😪. I'll try updating tomorrow . Yay I'm almost on my 300th chapter 😝.

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