Double Date? How about Triple?

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Chapter 109;

Riker;Oh hey Laura will you like to go on a date with me tonight?

Laura;Sure I don't see why *pecks his lips*

Rydel;Awe I haven't been on a date


Riker;Why don't we go on a double date?

Ratliff;That'll be awesome !

Riker;Alright then you girls just have 2 hours to get ready

Laura;Wait why 2?

Riker;Cause it's 4. Were leaving at 6

Rydel;Oh damn let's go Laur

*They run upstairs*

Riker;Girls *laughs*

Ratliff;But you gotta admit their cute girls

Riker;I know

Ratliff;Why don't we invite Ross & Vanessa .?

Riker;I don't think they'll want to go.

*Ross walks in*

Ross;Go where ?

Riker;On a triple date

Ross;Oh I'll tell Vanessa


Ross;At what time ?


Ross;Okay I'll go tell her


*Ross heads up to Vanessa's room*

Vanessa;Hey what's up?

Ross;Riker asked if we wanted to join him for a triple date.

Vanessa;Oh I don't see why not

Ross;Alright start getting ready we leave at six

Vanessa;Okay well I'm going to rydels room so she can help me .


*Vanessa heads to rydels room*

{Vanessa knocks}

Rydel;Come in

Vanessa;Hey I was wondering if you can help me get dressed for tonight



*Laura walks in*

Laura;Rydel what do you think of th- *Laura sees Vanessa* oh I didn't know she would be here

Vanessa;Me too !

Rydel;Vanessa chill out . you 2 should make up already. Vanessa you got mad at her for accidentally falling on top Riker . that's the past forget about it.! Your In the present !

Vanessa;Your right. Laura I'm sorry

Laura;it's okay *half smiles*

Vanessa;please forgive me

Laura;I already did a long time ago

Vanessa;Thanks *hugs her*

Laura;No problem

Rydel;Finally you 2 made up c'mon let's get ready

Vanessa & Laura; okay

*They got ready*

{Laura put on a black skirt with a baby blue crop top & black converse a little bit of make up with her hair curled}

[Rydel put on a white formal dress with silver heels a little bit of make up with her hair curled]

(Vanessa put on a light purple high low dress with white heels along with a bit of make up & her hair curled)


{Ross put on a tux}

[Ratliff put on some nice jeans with dressing shoes & a nice formal shirt]

(Riker put on a tux too with a white shirt under & a bow}


*The guys head down*

Riker;Do you think their ready?

Ross;Yeah I think so

Ratliff;*yells* girls come on let's go

*The girls head down*

Riker;*mouth open* oh my god baby you look perfect more than ever

Laura;*blushes* awe thanks baby

Ross;Damn Vanessa you look amazing

Vanessa;Why thank you love

Ratliff;Rydel you look stunning more than ever *kisses her*

Rydel;Awe your so sweet


Vanessa & Laura made up :D stay tuned for the next chapter

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