Raura;Movie time & Food

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Chapter 19;

Rocky;Where's the food?

Rydel;It's on the kitchen table

Rocky;okay well let's eat

{Each one of them got their food & went to sit so they can watch the movie}

Laura;*whispers* Ross can I ask you something?

Ross;Sure what is it?

Laura;Why did you start liking me?

Ross;Laura your perfect I mean look at you your beautiful through the outside & inside your really nice , caring, also funny . You've caught my attention . Boy I'm so glad to say that your mine ! I've been crazy about you since the day we met at your house I couldn't stop thinking about you

Laura;awe Ross your the best !

Ross;So are you !



Laura;I'm glad your mine too

Ross;*smiles* awe Laur

[Throughout the movie everyone was with different expressions they would only pay attention when they would want to Laura was just laying on Ross's chest . Rydel was talking with Ratliff . Rocky ate watched half the movie & went to bed but then woke up again . Riker was just making out with Vanessa]

Ross;Laura I wrote a letter for you

Laura;Really when?

Ross;When I first saw you

Laura;Can to read it to me?


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