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Chapter 283;

Ross's POV
Well I honestly can't stay away from laura .I decided to leave the hotel to go back home. Anyways someone's been bugging me saying Lauras cheating on me that's why she made this big scene about me forgetting our anniversary . I know laura wouldn't though because she loves me & wouldn't hurt me that way . Before I went home I passed to get her an anniversary present for tomorrow honestly I'm actually pretty happy that we've lasted this time , also that our baby boy is almost here , & we're gonna get married . I have been dying for her to become a lynch . I approached home too see my brothers & sister along with my sisters in law worried .

Rocky;Good your home !

Ross;Yeah why?

Riker;Okay we need to ask you a few questions .


Vanessa;Where were you ?

Ross;I went to the park & then I went to a hotel because I was planning to stay their well I technically came back from their but why?

Riker;What were you doing their.?

Lilly;Where you meeting someone their or something ?

Ross;No I was alone the whole time I was getting my head straight & then I fell asleep .

Rocky;So why did you go to the park ?

Ross;I went to take a walk so I could've get stuff out of my head .anyway where's laura ?

Vanessa;She's sleeping

Riker;Okay well do you know who's been texting laura.?

Ross;What do you mean?

Rydel;Yeah someone's been texting laura some stuff

Ross;Like ?

Ratliff;Okay we have to ask you another question here?


Savannah;do you love laura ?

Ross;Of course I do more than anything


Ross;What's the question

Vanessa;Are you cheating on her ?

Ross;What?? no that's crazy nonsense I would never cheat on laura why are you asking this?

Ratliff;Someone texted laura saying that you were with another girl & you that you were cheating on her

Savannah;So Riker called us & told us what Happened he came & tried calming her down

Lilly;So it didn't work laura was outside for a while until Vanessa gave her at least a sandwich .

Ross;she's not the only one getting those texts

Rocky;What do you mean?

Ross;Some has been texting me too

Ryland;What have they've been telling you ?

Ross;That laura is cheating on me . I know it's not true .

Vanessa;My sister would never cheat on someone especially a person she really loves

Riker;Good cause it's not .

Ross;Okay I'm gonna go upstairs sorry I ruined all your dates

Vanessa;It's okay

Riker;Anyway I'm gonna go upstairs lets go ness

Rocky;Lilly & I are gonna go to the pier


Rocky;you want to go ?

Ratliff;Well Rosalie is a week & a half old already

Ryland;Just go you guys need some fun time

Savannah;Were gonna go to ry ry


Riker;Since we're staying here we can watch her

Ratliff:Really ?


Rydel;Okay I'm gonna well her milk is in the fridge make sure to microwave it for 8-10 seconds. Her diapers are in her closet. Her pacifiers are in her diaper bag , if anything further just call me or ratliff

Riker;Okay you guys have fun ratliff watch really well

Ratliff;Will do

The couples leave & ross starts heading upstairs to find Laura sleeping

Ross;*whispers to himself*i can't believe I was a jerk to forget our anniversary *grabs Lauras hand*if only you knew my true feelings towards you you'd understand what you actually mean too . Your my world & I feel bad for everything I've done too you . I would never cheat on you .its like throwing away a diamond for a rock . your my world without you theirs no reason for my existence.

Laura;You really mean all that?

Ross;Your awake?

Laura;Yeah .

Ross;Oh so you heard?

Laura;Yes every word , do you really mean that though?

Ross;Of course

Laura;awe ross I'm really sorry for over reacting

Ross;No I should be sorry I forgot a special Important date

Laura;I love you

Ross;I love you too ,baby they told me what happened.


Ross;yes sweetheart just know I will never cheat on you .

Laura;I know you wouldn't I did believe it at first but then my heart knew you wouldn't do that

Ross;You know I wouldn't . I got a text saying you were cheating on me but I know you wouldn't

Laura;I'm not planning on to & I never will

Ross;Your the best *kisses her*

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