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Chapter 140;

{The rest head down}

Rydel;Hey awe laur don't be sad everything will be okay

Laura;*sniffs* thanks

Vanessa;you feeling any better ?

Laura;No ...

Vanessa;you'll be okay *rubs Laura's back*

Laura;Thanks Nessa

Riker;Well just know we're here


Rydel;Ratliff & I are going out see you guys later

Ratliff;Bye guys laur take care


{Rydel & Ratliff leave}

Riker;Do you guys want something ?

Laura;No thanks well can I get water ?


Vanessa;I'm gonna go get something form my room I'll be back

Laura & Riker; okay

{Vanessa heads upstairs}

Vanessa;Oh hey Ross

Ross;Hey what are you up too?

Vanessa;Nothing I came to get something

Ross;Ohh okay


Ross;Is Laura downstairs ?

Vanessa;Pretty much how co-

•Cuts her off by kissing her•

~With Riker & Laura~

Laura;I want to go to my room

Riker;I'll take you hop on


*They were heading upstairs*

Riker;*tears on his face* how could you ?

Vanessa;Riker I'm sorry

Laura;What the hell *mad* look what you did Vanessa !!

Ross;We can explain

Riker & Laura;Explain what ?!?

Ross;Look I was the one that kissed her

Riker;How could you ? *crying*

Laura;Wow guys

Vanessa;I'm sorry

Riker;I regret proposing to you !!! I thought I could trust you but by the looks of it I can't *sobbing*

Vanessa;Riker please

{With that Riker goes to his room & pulling Laura with him}


Poor Riker :( hope you enjoy I'm just trying to add a bit more drama

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