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Chapter 99;

Laura's POV

Well I finished fixing up the cabin it looks really nice . I decided to charge my phone I had like 183 missed calls along with 80 messages I deleted them though & turned of the tracker so no one will find me . I made myself some food cause I got hungry I'm seriously just hoping to forget about Ross which I know I will. well this new beginning is going pretty good. I wonder how Riker is doing I really miss him. I heard someone yell my name I turned off the lights. I can't believe I saw Riker their looking for me. I'm not going out.

Riker;Ryland I don't think she's around here

Ryland;Theirs a cabin right their

Riker;Yeah but the lights are off & it's night already the person is probably sleeping

Ryland;Your right let's keep looking *screams* LAURA!!!!!!

Riker;I don't think we'll find her we'll keep searching tomorrow let's go back with the others

Ryland;Okay let's go *They headed back to the van*

Riker;It's so cold

Ryland;I know

*Stormie & Mark head back to the van*

Stormie;She's not here where could she possibly have gone

Mark;I don't know but I can feel that she's okay

Ryland;Yeah Riker text Ratliff & Rocky

Riker;Alright *texts them*

~With Rocky & Ratliff~

Ratliff;So she's not here I can't believe they all acted like that

Rocky;I know right? Well I think Vanessa & Ross will hook up after this incident.

Ratliff;Yeah. so did you get with Julie ?

Rocky;yeah were official

Ratliff;That's good

Rocky;yeah *gets a text*

Ratliff;Who was it ?

Rocky;Riker he said to head back

Ratliff;Alright let's go *They left*

{They arrive at the van}

Ratliff;No sign?

Stormie;sadly no we'll keep searching tomorrow

Riker;Okay mom

*They arrived home*

Ross;Did you guys find her?

Rocky;Does it look like it?


Riker;That's your answer . anyways why do you care all of a sudden one moment you were all like "where through" now your all like "did you find her" really Ross ? you only care once people leave you or your side . make up your mind were all done with you . I'm tired of you hurting Laura she didn't deserve what you did to her .

Ross;Riker admit you like her. we all know you do. Guess what though ? you can't have her because she still likes me

Riker;Really this is all you care about ? You care about her feelings more than her? I don't like Laura I love her as if she was my sister . the only person I truly love is Vanessa !

Vanessa;Really? *smiles* I'm sorry Riker please take me back

Riker;No I'm done with you too.

Rydel;Calm down Riker stop trying to be a "badass"

Riker;Your telling me? okay you stop trying to "fit in" I'm done here goodnight

Mark & Stormie;Goodnight guys

*They all went to bed*

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