Meeting Maia

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Chapter 362;

Ross's POV
I guess Laura & I aren't in an argument .. but I'm a little disappointed . I shook it off but I didn't really talk to her she put Ryder to sleep since he's been up ever since we were out of the house . I went in the kitchen to at least make something for Maia no I don't like her at all . I'm just making something so I can be generous & not seem rude I was thinking of what to make her I just decided to make her some Italian pasta that Laura loves with a side of chicken . As I was cooking I was thinking .. until I noticed that Laura was standing in the side of the counter just watching me . I ignored her & continued doing what I was doing .


Ross;(ignores her)

Laura;so your gonna ignore me now?

Ross;(stays quiet)

Laura;I didn't mean nothing that I way I didn't think you were gonna get upset .

Ross;(ignoring her)

Laura;(sighs sadly)

(The doorbell rings)

Ross;(turns off the stove ,leaves & opens the door) hi Maia ! (Smiles)

Maia;Hey ross my husband couldn't make it but I decided to show up

Ross;It's okay enter make yourself at home

Maia;Thanks (enters) you got a nice place.

Ross;take a seat Maia

Maia;thanks (sits down)

Ross;Thanks me & my fiancé liked it but we don't live alone my sister & her fiancé live here to with their baby girl

Maia;Awe Rydel already gave birth?

Ross;Yeah indeed she did .So did my fiancé she also gave birth we have a boy .

Maia;That's so adorable. Where is she anyway?

Laura;(walks in)hello their I'm Laura

Maia;(smiles) Wow your so gorgeous ! Nice to meet you , I'm Maia .

Laura;(smiles back) thanks your really gorgeous too & nice to meet you too .

Ross;How many months are you ?

Maia;7 months


Laura;What's the gender?

Maia;a girl

Laura;That's cute

Maia;Yeah it is (touches her belly) I heard you already have a son (smiles)

Laura;Yeah I do .

Maia;Ross here was telling me what's the baby boys name?

Ross;Ryder Royce Lynch

Laura;Uh yeah

Maia;That's a nice name

Ross;What are you naming your daughter ?


Ross;That's nice

Laura;So who's your husband ?


Ross;Hah cool so you just got married or what?

Maia;No it's been 9 months already


Maia;Yeah when are you getting married?

Laura;September 12

Ross;(looks down)yeah

Maia;That's good.

Ross;how was Hawaii?

Maia;It's a very beautiful place

Ross;Are you ever gonna go back to Australia?

Maia;I believe I am


Maia;oh yeah Australia is where I man from

Laura;well that explains the accent not in the wrong way

Maia;oh no don't worry are you planning on having more kids or just with one?

Ross;no Ryder is gonna be the only kid we're having (looks at Laura)


Ross;Would you like to eat?


Ross;Well let's get to the dining room right now I'll serve you some food

Maia;What a gentlemen Laura are you gonna join?

Laura;I'll pass I already ate I'm gonna go take a nap I have a bad headache

Maia;Oh well feel better

Laura;Thanks (heads upstairs)

Ross & Maia spent a little more time together but , Ross was a little upset about what happened between him & Laura. Maia left so Ross cleaned up & went into his room to get some clothes so he can shower . From their he saw Laura sleeping he ignored it & went to a guest room .

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