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Chapter 57;

Laura;Why would you do that Ross you know I'm in a relationship

Ross;I'm sorry Laur I didn't mean too

Laura;Ross you know what don't bother to get near me !

Ross;Laura why ? you know I can't do that

Laura;Ross because of what you did right now. we can try to be friends. we never tried that . So you in?

Ross;If it means still talking to you then yes

Laura;Okay friend


(Laura's POV;When I kissed Ross I felt sparks again I know I still have major feelings for him. I don't know why when Adam kissed me I didn't feel nothing . I don't really like Adam but I have to try to move on because Ross will just hurt me again)

(Ross's POV;When I kissed Laura I got the same feeling as the 1st time I kissed her I know she doesn't want to be with me no more but I'm going to keep trying to get her back & I won't stop until she's mine again)

*Laura goes downstairs followed by Ross*

Riker;What happened?

Laura;Nothing we just talked

Ross;Yeah we decided to at least try & be friends

Rydel;Well i hope your friendship works

Laura;Well I'm going back home Nessa

Riker;Oooo let's all go again

Laura;Okay Ross wanna join ?

Ross;Sure let's go

Vanessa;Invite Adam

Laura;yay okay

*They all head to the Maranos house*

Riker;let's order some pizza !

Laura;The number is in the fridge


Ross;Where's the restroom?

Vanessa;Upstairs give a left


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