Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

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Chapter 205;

Stormie;Okay Laura we stopped by at the house & got you some clothes . here you go *hands Laura the clothes*

Laura;Wait I can leave now?

Stormie;Yeah . We singed you out already

Mark;Start changing.Ross help her out.

Stormie;Well wait in the van

Mark;Let's go kids

Rydel;You mean adults

Mark;No I mean kids cause you'll always be my kids no matter how old you are

Riker;awe dad

Rocky;you sounded gay for a moment dude

Riker;gee thanks

Stormie;okay enough let's go

They leave

Ross;Okay so do you need help ?

Laura;Yeah just on getting up

Ross;Okay *helps Laura get up*

Laura;I'll be back *pecks his lips & leaves to the restroom*

Ross starts talking to himself

Ross; God why did things have to end up like this? if I had a chance to go back I would . having the dream about the baby made me realize how much I love Laura & how much I want to raise a family with her . Nothing will ever be the same . that baby would've make a huge impact in our life's . now that this happened I will never forgive myself . I just want Laura to be happy . I know we can have another baby that's what Rocky told me but it won't be the same . I just wish none of this would've happened . it wouldn't have happened if my stupid ass didn't kiss Cassandra back . ugh Ross become a better person be glad Laura has given you a lot of chances . I just want things to go back like how they were with no problems or people coming in between .

Laura comes out


Ross;Yeah? you ready?

Laura;yeah & did you really mean all that?

Ross;You heard ?

Laura;Pretty much .

Ross;Well yeah I did mean it

Laura;We can try to have another baby but give me time cause well ..

Ross;Yeah I understand

Laura;Okay thanks Ross I'm sorry I said that I hate you I was just sad & mad

Ross;It's okay I get it I hate myself so no worries let's go


They leave & head to the van

Mark;okay you guys ready?


Stormie;Okay buckle up

They head home

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