I Don't Want To Loose You Again

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Chapter 319;

Riker;I suggest you should go talk to her

Ross;What if she doesn't want to talk to me ?

Riker;I'm sure she would

Ross;Can you give me any advice before I go ?

Riker;Don't yell. Don't loose your temper .

Ross;Okay then where can she be ?

Riker;I'm pretty sure she's in Royce's room

Ross;I'm in love with that name

Riker;You sound gay just go get your girl

Ross;Okay I'll see you in a bit


Ross starts heading towards Ryder's Room , while Riker headed back to the family room

Ross;*knocks*may I come in ?


Ross;*walks in*hey


Ross;What are you doing ?

Laura;Just watching Royce sleep

Ross;Thats Great .

Laura;Yeah so what are you doing here ?

Ross;I wanted to apologize for the way I acted earlier

Laura;its okay I get it

Ross;I know I just didn't mean to act that way ,it hurt me to know that you got abused and I wasn't their to protect you. I always fail

Laura;no don't say that it's always gonna be like this we can never be around each other in some points .

Ross;I wanted to ask you something

Laura;Okay ask away

Ross;Do you still love me?

Laura;Of course why would you ask that?

Ross;because ..

Laura;because what?

Ross;I don't want to loose you again . I've had it by loosing you I never seen the point of us fighting . I just want us to be a normal couple again like we used to be

Laura;Well I know for sure we won't leave each other because of Ryder . I mean sure when we get married we can get divorced , but I know that won't happen right ?

Ross;Trust me it won't . im sorry again *hugs her*

Laura;Don't worry it's okay *pecks his cheek*

Ross;I know it's not my concern but where do you think Lizbeth went ?

Laura;To be honest I don't know

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