Should I Go? Or Should I Stay?

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Chapter 314;

Rydel;I'm gonna go catch up ratliff stay and take care of Mel

Ratliff;Will do

The Doctor Walks In

Doctor;Ross is going to be able to go home tonight .

Hope;Thank you so much

Doctor;No problem and cute baby


Doctor;Although it looks nothing like the mother

Hope;Well not all babies have to look like the mom .

Doctor;I have to go they need me bye ross take good care *rushes out*

Savannah;Oh your gonna have to pass by the lake house to get Ross's Bag since your fucking planned work

Hope;Okay whatever

Riker;Wait he's gonna go with you?

Ross;Of course I can't leave my son

Vanessa;What about laura ?

Ross;Who's laura ? She's not my fiancé okay? Hope is don't you see the ring?

Ryland;Isn't that Laura's ring?

Rocky;It sure is

Lizbeth;Wait how did she get it

Lilly;I'm pretty dam sure she got it when she was holding laura back

Hope;Okay can you go already ?

Riker;How about no we leave when we want too

Rocky;Lets just go man she brain washed him . She got what she wanted . She teared our family apart .She got ross away from laura . She has Ryder & now she's Ross's "fiancé".We can't do nothing unless a miracle happens and he gets him memory back .

Vanessa;I agree with Rocky lets just go

Ratliff;But we can't leave without Ryder

Riker;We can't do nothing she has us threatened Cmon laura lost one baby she wouldn't want to loose another

Lilly;Lets go then .

Riker;And besides mom and dad are coming back home on Thursday .

Hope;Okay bye

With Rydel And Laura

Rydel;laura wait !


Rydel;Wow you run fast anyway laura please don't go wouldn't you prefer to be near your son right now?

Laura;Yes but I don't have him in my arms

Rydel;It will get better . Ross will get his memory back as soon as he does im pretty sure he will come back home. He wouldn't stay with Hope .

Laura;I don't know I might go back to NYC with my parents .

Rydel;Don't . What about Ryder ?

Laura;I honestly don't know I guess he can stay with ross .

Rydel;He's bearly gonna be a week old .

Laura;I know but to be honest , ross absolutely fell for Hope's trick

Rydel;What even happened?

Laura;Alex hit him with a wooden bat well he succeeded and I honestly want to be with ross at this moment I just can't .

Rydel;You can be . But sadly Hope is in their

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