Is Everything Okay?

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Chapter 293;
They Head To The Hospital

Riker;Don't you guys think we should call Rocky & ryland ?

Rydel;Yes but in a bit just hurry up & get laura

Vanessa;Don't you think ross should be here

Lizbeth;Speaking about him their he is

Ross;Okay let's get her in hurry

Ratliff;Okay help her out

They Rush In

Riker;*yells*help we need a doctor

Doctor;Hey their how can I help you ?

Vanessa;Okay so technically my sister is pregnant we don't know if she's giving birth or getting real bad contractions

Rydel;Oh god laura did you pee ?

Laura;No can you please just hurry up this hurts *yells* I can't Stand it

Doctor;okay *yells* nurse ! Hurry get her into a room .

Nurse;okay *gets a wheelchair*

Rydel;Okay help her out

Riker;Okay laura come sit down

Doctor;Who's the father ?

Ross;I am

Nurse;okay your coming with us lets go


Lizbeth;Keep us updated

Ross;Will do *rushes in the room*

In The Room With Laura

Doctor;Okay laura your water broke do you know how many moths are you ?

Laura;Wait I'm gonna give early birth ? *breathing heavily*

Doctor;Your not giving early birth your exact at 9 months

Laura;Wait I thought I was 7 months

Doctor;No your 9

Ross:So she's actually giving birth ??


Laura;*yells*ahhh please just hurry up it hurts so bad

Nurse;Okay if you want to call other people in go , you can only bring 2 people inside

Ross;okay *rushes out*

Riker;Oh hey

Vanessa;Is everything okay?

Ross;No she's gonna give birth

Rydel;Early birth ?

Ross;No she actually is 9 months to the exact

Ratliff;Oh damn how did that Happen?

Rydel;I'm sure she was keeping track with my pregnancy

Lizbeth;Okay if she's giving birth what are you doing here ?

Ross;I need 2 people to go with me hurry

Rydel;I'll go

Vanessa;So will I

Ross;Okay hurry

Riker;ratliff call them already

Rydel , Ross , & Vanessa rush to the room

Ross;Okay we're here

Nurse;okay hurry were gonna start


Vanessa;You'll do great Laurie

Laura;Thanks Nessa *breathing in & out*

Rydel;Goodluck laura remember it's gonna be worth it in the end

Laura;Thanks delly

Nurse;Okay let's begin

Laura;Alright let's do this *in pain*

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