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Chapter 243;

Ross; Laura ?

Laura;Yeah ross ? Wait are you done ?

Ross;Yup . oh & I was gonna say when are we gonna start to plan our wedding ?

Laura;I don't know when do you want to ?

Ross;Well since your giving birth on September why don't we plan now . so we'll be ready

Riker;Woah you guys are planning way to early

Rydel;I don't think they are .

Stormie;Well Riker when you plan for a wedding it takes time & you get stressed but remember laur don't stress too much because it's bad for your baby .

Rydel;Well can I help you plan your wedding ? & you can help me plan mine

Laura;Really ?

Riker;awe ! you guys have a cute relationship

Ryland;I agree

Rocky;Well hopefully nothing ruins it

Rydel;No one will cause Laura & I got really close now


Mark;I'm glad you guys are getting super close

Stormie;Same here

Ross;Yeah . so when are you guys gonna plan the wedding ?

Rydel;When do you want to Laura ?

Laura;I want to start tomorrow

Rydel;Okay I'm gonna hit the shower & go to bed

Ratliff;Delly it's 7:39

Rydel;So ? I'm the one carrying the baby


Ratliff;Okay okay .

Rydel;Exactly rat boy

Ratliff;Haha okay go shower you pregnant women

Riker;Is their still more cake ? the cake was really good !

Ross;I know right !

Stormie;Theirs a big piece left if you guys want some get some

Ryland;Awe yeah!

Riker;Dibs on the big piece

Ross;No fair

Laura;You guys are pigs

Rocky;Thank you !!

Laura;haha wow

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