You Do?

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Chapter 255;

Ross;Okay bye Vanessa

Vanessa;*starts tearing up* I see now *sniffs* Laura just know that I was always here for you when they hurt you . You aren't "family" or "sister" to me anymore , your a nobody to me . Goodbye Goodluck in your life *leaves crying*

Riker;Ugh I feel like shit now


Riker;Cause of what she told you .

Ross;No you shouldn't ,anyway your or family laur .

Laura;I uh know it's just that well Vanessa was right , she was their when you hurt me . whatever though .

Kate;Hey it's okay if she were a true family member she wouldn't have told you that

Laura;Your right

Riker;Well anyways Kate this is Laura & ross. Laura is more like my sister in law . Ross is my younger brother .

Kate;Nice to meet you guys in Kate

Ross;Nice to meet you .

Kate;Are you guys married ?

Ross;No she's my fiancé , but we're getting married pretty soon .

Riker;Yeah & as you can see Laura is pregnant

Kate;That's cute how many moths are you ?

Laura;6 months with 1 week

Ross;Yeah , how did you meet my brother.?

Kate;He was getting a snow cone at Danny's Snow Cones . well I accidentally bumped into him which made me drop my snow cone so he offered to buy me another one cause he felt bad

Riker;Yeah that's when we started talking ,so I decided to ask her on a date well here we are .

Laura;That's cute why don't we go inside



With Rocky

Rocky;It was great knowing you Lilly

Lilly;Same Rocky .well I'm gonna get going .

Rocky;wait can I take you on Umm well a date I know we just met but I kinda like you ...

Lilly;You do? oh my god .. I'd love to go on a date with you .



Rocky;Great I'll pick you up at 2 tomorrow

Lilly;Okay . *gives rocky her number*text me later on

Rocky;Okay *winks at lilly*


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