Raura;Meeting Anna & Going off on her

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Chapter 45;

Ross;Laura she's not baby trust me

Rydel;Laura don't believe her she doesn't know what natural beauty is

Ratliff;Don't listen to negative people

Anna;Y'all should stop lying to her she doesn't deserve Ross or doesn't deserve to love & live

Laura;You know what I don't care what you say ! because I know I'm beautiful no matter what you say won't hurt me because your wrong try to put me down but it won't work! you just can't accept the fact that Ross has chosen me over you . Get it through your head Ross chose me I'm the one for him not you ! call me ugly but I at least have a heart unlike you your heartless you just care about your self. Sadly I feel bad for you because you lost a great guy ! you messed up on your chance with him ! you may come & try to ruin our relationship but trust me sweet heart it won't work !

Anna;Ha ! you think I care?

Laura;apparently you do because your trying to break us up !

Anna;No sweetie I just want revenge

Laura;I'll show you what revenge is *swings & punches her*

Ross;No Laura *grabs her*

Laura;Let me go I have to beat up that Psycho ! She doesn't know who she's messing with !!

Rydel;Ross let her

Ratliff;No Rydel she shouldn't ross doesn't want her getting hurt

Anna;What she's scared? The baby is scared awe poor girl

Ross;No Anna *Laura gets off his grip & starts beating up Anna*

Rydel;Omg !!

Ross;Get Anna !!

Rydel;*pulls Laura off* hey calm down their

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