Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 15;

-They headed back home-

Riker;Okay guys were home let's go leave our bags & get ready

Ross;For what?

Rydel;Were going to have a night swim in the pool

Laura;Omg really? cool

Vanessa;I know right were going to go get our bikinis & get dressed here we'll be back

Rocky;Okay well wait for you guys

-With Vanessa & Laura-

Vanessa;So you & Ross?(;

Laura;*Blushes* what about us?

Vanessa;You guys are cute together

Laura;Awe thanks Nessa you & Riker would make a cute couple too

Vanessa;Thanks . Did you know that Ratliff & Rydel are together?

Laura;Wait what? Their together?

Vanessa;Yes !

Laura;Omg that's cool

Vanessa;I know ! what bikini are you getting?

Laura;My white one with black polka dots & you ?

Vanessa;I'm just getting my turquoise one

Laura;Okay let's go have fun !

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